KVCW Graphics is the abbreviated title of Katherine V.C. Wadey Graphics; specializing in logos, game art, graphics, illustrations, and fine art.


UPDATE: Please excuse the pixel dust in here! We are knocking down virtual walls in the course of remodeling the site. When we get through, new work will be posted, site navigation will be easier, and actual shopping should be able to commence.


UPDATE: Things have been busy here, and there have been some major changes to the site; including new art being posted in the Graphics gallery /link_pawssuit-kqj-2008-02-27_04 (18K) and the Concept gallery.link_ntsuite-thewomanatthewellwindow-2010-11-01 (17K)

LOSCON37: November 26-28th 2010: at the LAX Marriott in Los Angeles; will be my last Con for the year. I will have a booth in the Dealers room; but at this time, I don't think I'll have art in the show.

I am working towards adding a shopping cart, or something like one, to the site so that you can order prints and product items easily.

Meanwhile, here is a link to my new calendar, available through deviantART. http://www.deviantart.com/print/15471436/?itemtypeids=


UPDATE: Things have gotten so busy, in real life, that I have had to neglect the website dreadfully. I have been working through the goings on, and am getting organized again, I think. Finally! Here is this year's convention schedule:

Anime Expo 2010: July 1-4 2010; Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles CA; artists’ alley, table D06

Westercon63: July 1-4 2010; Pasadena Hilton Hotel, 168 S. Los Robles Ave., Pasadena, CA 91101; Art show only, except for a commission delivery

Comic-Con International: San Diego 2010: July 22-25, 2010; San Diego Convention Center, 111 W. Harbor Drive, San Diego, CA 92101: art show only (unconfirmed)

Gateway 2010: September 3 - 6, 2010; Radisson LAX, Los Angeles CA; table in the Dealers room (unconfirmed)

LOSCON37: November 26-28th 2010: at the LAX Marriott in Los Angeles; booth in the Dealers room


UPDATE: There are three new pieces up, as of yesterday evening. I'm still sorting out this year's convention schedule; but hopefully, that will be up and working by the end of next week.

Payments through paypal are now an option.

Bookmarks? Yes, there are lots of bookmarks available. More information will be up soon.


UPDATE: I spent yesterday updating the website. There are five new pieces up, and I've rearranged the thumbnails on the gallery introduction pages so that the newest pieces are at the top left corner of the collections. I'm still sorting out this year's convention schedule; but hopefully, both that and the addition of paypal will be up and working by the end of next week.

A question: Is anyone interested in bookmarks?


UPDATE: My apologies folks, and thank you for your patience, during the long gap in updates around here. I finally got the time to go through the site and cleared up the few typos I found, updated print availability for some of the pieces, and updated the information in the Store. I still have to get next year’s convention schedule posted and add four new paintings to the galleries.


UPDATE:We’re back from an very interesting AnimeExpo 2007. We’re even awake again. :D Thank you all for stopping by.

Friday and Saturday we were in one of the back corners of the hall with a great view of one of the loading dock doors. :D That was when we met Miho and Kana in the Berth Co., Ltd. booth next to us. Several of you deviants dropped by and we met some very nice folks from all over the country. There was an empty booth on our right that turned into a photo and chat spot.

Sunday morning, before the hall opened, the manager moved us and the Berth Co., Ltd. Booth into the 1320 to 1324 spaces, right across the aisle from Score, where one of the vendors had not shown up. That got a bit hectic. There were supposed to be signs at our old booth sites to let everyone know what had happened to us, but when I went through that aisle later, there was no evidence of them. So, to those of you who wondered what had happened, and never found us again, my sincere apologies.

It was great fun meeting and chatting with you. The cosplays get better each year.


UPDATE:My booth number for ANIME EXPO 2007 has been changed from booth 2015 to booth 1954! To get to it from the main hall entrance, follow the right wall all the way to the back of the hall, turning as you pass Broccoli Books, and jogging to the right past Digital Manga to aisle 1900. The booth is the 2nd one in, in the last group of booths. OR, go straight to the back of the hall, turn right, go past the food court to the last aisle, and turn right. The booth the 3rd one on your right. If you plan to be there, do stop by and say hi.


FIRST, the latest news on my Convention Schedule: I now have my booth number for Anime Expo 2007. I have booth 2015 in the EXHIBITORS’ HALL. To get to it from the main hall entrance, go past the left side of the Geneon booth and straight back Aisle 600 to Aisle 2000. The booth is at the intersection of Aisle 2000 and Aisle 600. If you plan to be there, do stop by and say hi.

I have also made plans to be in the Exhibitors’ Room at Gamex 2007, Memorial Day Weekend, May 25–28, 2007, at the Los Angeles Airport Westin Hotel. We’ll be testing the new booth set-up, among other new stuff.

SECOND, and just as important: Which print products would you like me to have available at these shows? I won’t have room to lug everything to the shows, but I do need lead time to stock up on the goodies you do want. Speaking of that, are there any pieces you would like me to make available as flat prints or product prints that are not yet available? If so, which ones?


Okaaay, now that the holidays and the flu are over, it is well past time to give you all the updates. As this is posted, I will have updated my convention schedule for the year. Two points need to be mentioned here.

FIRST, the Convention Schedule has finally been updated. I had planned to be in Artists’ Alley at this year’s Anime Expo, instead I’ve ended up in the EXHIBITORS’ HALL. As soon as I know the location I’ll try to post that here. If you plan to be there, do stop by and say hi.

SECOND, now that I am able to seal and label matted as well as un-matted prints to current show standards, I hope to be able to get prints to shows that I cannot personally attend.


Hello, folks, there has been some remodeling of the site going on behind the scenes. First, there's this nifty box, with scrollbar, thank you, that will allow me to let you know where the new art is, give you quick updates on schedules, and point out any new links we may have added. There is also a new look to the department thumbnail pages. In the new art category, check out the Graphics page to see the new dragon and centaur pieces. I am really excited about the restored version of Make My Day, Mate! There are also quite a few pieces that have recently become available as prints, either through myself or the deviantART Print Shop. Don't forget to check the new and updated links on, surprise, the Links page. I still have to update my convention schedule for the next few months. I hope you enjoy the changes we've made. Please do email me if you have questions or comments about the site and/or the art.